Our medical and maternal health clinic provides facilities and care for pregnant mothers to deliver their babies safely.


babies born safely each year


patients at our clinic each year


women receiving maternal healthcare each year


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Giving every woman and child the chance of a healthy life.

Every year in Uganda, 6,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes. Most of these deaths are preventable. Te-Kworo Foundation aims to address this problem by supporting access to essential and life-saving maternal health services.

We have two ambulances to transfer critical cases to the nearest hospital, which is two hours away. The clinic also provides services for minor surgery, paediatric care, vaccinations and ante-natal care.

The team also conducts regular outreach to remote communities to deliver medical support and health education to vulnerable mothers and their babies. The clinic serves a population of 300,000 people in Northern Uganda.

‘We work with the most vulnerable people in Northern Uganda, with pregnant women who have to walk several miles to get services.’

Alice Achan
Founder and Executive Director

How can you help?

Most women are unable to pay for a birth in a clinic or hospital, so often give birth in a hut without trained medical assistance. The Te-Kworo maternal health facility supports 500 safe births each year.

Your support helps mothers have safe births by funding the following areas:

Safe birth vouchers: For a nominal amount of $2, a mother can secure a voucher that gives her access to antenatal care, a safe birth in the clinic, and postnatal care for herself and her baby.

Birthing kits: Birthing kits provide pregnant mothers who might be unable to get to the clinic due to the remoteness of their village with the basics needed for childbirth. These few items can save lives.

Training and salaries of midwives: We have midwives for over 1000 women receiving healthcare each year. Support in wages and training for our midwives is a critical need.

Get behind the new Kworo maternity hospital: Connections to medical expertise and equipment suppliers are valuable, in addition to operational funding once the hospital is finished. We’ll be building a large team of medical staff.

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