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Meet Amila Ajok

Amila Ajok is a 45 year old widow who is disabled (crippled) and looks after two of her grandchildren in Omot sub-county. Amila was trained by CCF in the construction of the rocket stove, an energy efficient design that can decrease household expenses while protecting the environment.
After the training, Amila trained 15 others who did not attend the original training and now are using the energy stove. Amila is now very happy and told CCF: “cwinya yom pien atiyo ki yen manok me tedo dok bene keno eni gengo lotion me wang ki mac” ( "I am happy because now I only use a few bundles of firewood and my children are protected from fire.").
The women in her village are very excited about the technology and have offered to hire her to construct the stoves. Amila now plans to begin an energy stove-making business, pricing the stoves from 5.000 UGX  to 15.000 UGX depending on the size.