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Secondary Education in Uganda

Secondary education (or High School) in Uganda is organized in "O' levels" and "A' levels".

“O' level” is the equivalent to grades 8-11 in the USA system, where each grade level is called Senior 1, Senior 2, Senior 3 and Senior 4.

After completing "O' levels" students have the option of continuing to “A' levels”, which is the equivalent to grades 12 and first year of university, referred to as Senior 5 and Senior 6.
Current Program at PGSS

Two-track Program:  track 1 is an academic program while track 2 adds
on a vocational skills program.

track 1, the girls take classes in Geography, Agriculture, Commerce, English,
Mathematics, History, Chemistry, Christian Religion Education, Biology,
Political Education, and Physics, among others.

The academic year is divided into three terms: February-May, June-August, October-December, and the daily schedule is from 8am to 4pm.

After completing Senior 4, the girls will be able to go on to:
• “A-level,” either at the Academy or at another school
• A vocational institute to obtain a 2 year vocational certificate (equivalent to A-level but with special skills)
• Specific professional skills training schools to obtain certificates in teaching primary,
nursing, social work, book keeping, store management or community rehabilitation

track 2, the girls receive training in knitting, tailoring, baking, catering, and hand-made jewelry in addition to the academic curriculum. This aspect of the curriculum gives the girls essential skills for income generating activities as well as some marketable skills that may help them find employment after graduating.