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Child Protection

To protect the rights of children, develop child protection strategies, and provide care for victims

Members of the Acholibur Peace Club. Click here to read the story of the Peace Club and how CCF supports its members.
Care Provision
  • Provides psycho-social counseling to children and families and trains social workers in this area
  • Refers children with special needs to hospitals, NGOs, and schools
  • Implements advocacy campaigns through radio programs, public debates, brochures, and booklets
  • Provides livelihood and scholastic support to children infected or affected by HIV/AIDs, physically and sexually abused children, war-affected children, and other highly vulnerable children and youth
  • Supports youth groups and Peace Clubs that provide community-based support for vulnerable youth and children

          Lobbying, Advocating & Sensitizing
          • Coordinates child protection activities with other NGOs in the district
          • Works with sub-county authorities to incorporate issues regarding child protection into annual work plans and to include laws that protect the rights of children
          • Works with Child Protection Committee to gather information concerning child protection issues such as defilement, abuse, negligence, and insults
          • Develops child protection strategies and trains Child Protection Committees, school teachers, health and social workers