Pader Girls' Academy
Secondary boarding school for vulnerable girls who cannot enroll in mainstream education

Scholarships for boys and girls in various public schools

Child Protection

Lobbying, Advocating & Sensitizing
Coordination of child protection activities, information gathering of abuses, and development of protection and prevention strategies

Psycho-social counseling to children and families as well as training for social workers in child protection

Health Care

Medical Care Provision
On site medical care to vulnerable women and children, makes referrals to hospitals and provides counseling

Christian group of women who provide home-base care and counseling to HIV/AIDS patients within their communities


Vocational Training
1-year program that trains girls in income generating activities such as knitting, tailoring, baking, catering, and hand-made jewelry

Business management training and start-up grants and/or capital for families to start a small business in their communities