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Food Insecurity

Words from Alice Achan, CCF's Director:

The district and the NGOs developing partners had a emergency meeting of Tuesday 16th June to see the best way to address the matter. So 5 people have died and out that 3 are children, many children are dropping out of school because of anger as they all go looking for wild fruits and vegetable for the family to survive. The first crops which are always harvested around this period have all withered because of the long dry spells.


The situation is now worse with CCF/Pader girls Academy with about 300 breast feeding mothers who are undertaking skills training.  Am appealing for support to rescue us with food aid to take us up to three months as we wait for second harvest! This is urgent matter and life threatening! You support rescue many lives in Pader again.

Thank you,


For the full report see attachment. If you are interested in donating, click here and contact us

**Thanks to the donations of individuals and organizations, 12K have been raised for food protection! We are very grateful for everyone's contributions**

Veronica Guzman,
Jun 18, 2009, 9:10 AM