Celebrating 10 Years of Service to War Affected Ugandans
Our Mission
CCF is a community-based organization in Pader, northern Uganda, committed to promoting Christian values and providing education, child protection, health care,and livelihood opportunities to war affected women and children.
CCF is registered with the National NGO Board of Uganda, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Reg. No. 4766)

CCF provides need-based scholarships to boys and girls through its Sponsorship Program, and in 2008, founded Pader Girls Secondary School, a community secondary boarding school for vulnerable girls and child mothers.

CCF lobbies, advocates, and sensitizes members of the local government and communities on the rights of children; gathers  information regarding  defilement, abuse, negligence, and insults; provides psycho-social counseling to children and families; and works with sub-county authorities to incorporate  child protection into annual work plans and laws.

CCF’s health program focuses on HIV/AIDS, home-based care, counseling, women care and provision of treatment to children at the Pader Girls Secondary School.

CCF aims to improve and secure livelihoods by increasing household incomes of war-affected children, their caregivers, and other vulnerable families. Programs include a 1-year Vocational Training for girls and support for Income Generating Activities, which provides business management training and start-up grants and/or capital to families.
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